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A complete lighting kit for all companies representing the construction sector. Robust, handy and effective luminaires for professional and hobby use.


Discover the four most important common advantages

Tailored to your needs

Some luminaire models have a specially adjusted beam angle (120°), which gives good illumination of the surface from a short distance. The light colour – 4000 K – close to daylight, has been specially selected for the requirements of renovation and construction works. Well thought-out luminaire holders, cable reels and additional accessories (switch, backlight) make work significantly easier and faster. Our luminaires come in option with sockets on the housing – which allows you to buy two devices at one price: the luminaire and the extension cord.

Resistance and tightness

FUTURE luminaires are characterised by high impact resistance (max. IK10) and high ingress protection (max. IP54). This means that the luminaires are protected against the ingress of water and dust, allowing their operation even in heavy rainfall or sanding conditions. In addition, selected products can work in ambient temperatures from -10°C to +40°C. As the manufacturer, we make each luminaire component available for purchase within the period of 5 years. This is our guarantee of the availability of spare parts.

Reduction of labour and energy costs

The application of high quality LED diodes results in low energy consumption, which is shown by the ratio of light to power consumption of over 120 lumens obtained from each Watt. Buying good quality products allows to minimise downtime caused by failures in equipment or tools. Multi-purpose FUTURE STAND, dedicated to the whole Future family, enables fitting any luminaire on it, as well as it allows for setting different luminaires together in any configuration.

The highest quality and safety

Our luminaires are manufactured in Poland and meet even the most stringent certification requirements, which is evidenced by the fact that they are used in such demanding and restrictive markets as Scandinavia or Germany. The plastic design of the housing and the diffuser always stays cool and will never become a source of ignition or risk to employees. The specially designed structure of the diffuser used in our luminaires allows to protect employees’ eyesight against the glare effect and at the same time minimises the loss of light (up to 93% of permeability) retained by the opal diffuser.

Always a step ahead

We are introducing the new family of MAGNUM BATTERY luminaires based on replaceable and universal Bosch batteries. Even more options, even closer to you.

The MAGNUM BATTERY family of luminaires has been created in response to the demand for modern solutions providing professional lighting to various workplaces. It has been developed by designers with many years of experience in designing work lighting. With its many useful functions and numerous accessories, it can be successfully used wherever you need strong lighting, durable long-life design and a number of enhancements that will make your work easier. One of them, introduced quite recently, is the use of a standardised Bosch battery, which is compatible with other products of this recognised brand. With this solution, the battery can work with the MAGNUM luminaires, as well as with Bosch electrotechnical tools such as a drill, sander, etc.



Compact and light LED floodlight for professional use, ensuring even and stable directional lighting. It can be used as a workplace luminaire to illuminate workplaces, workshops or garages.
+ Excellent quality at a reasonable price
+ Compatible with Bosch Professional 18V system
+ Resistant housing and diffuser made of frosted PC with an UV stabiliser
+ Lens matrix for optimal distribution
+ Switch with 4-step luminous flux control
+ Assembly on Future Stand
+ Small size, modern design, convenient handling and transport
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The luminaire is dedicated to be powered by Bosch batteries.

Robust housing made of polycarbonate with an UV stabiliser; anti-glare diffuser. Tool-free assembly on Future Stand (accessory).

The luminaire is equipped with an anti-glare diffuser which, despite the matt surface, transmits up to 80% of the light emitted by the diodes. The smaller size and compact design make it more convenient to transport. In addition to the basic version, Magnum Future LED XS Bosch is also available as a set with a capacious, branded and durable battery and a charger. The battery is compatible with other Bosch devices.
- Luminaire power [W]: 22
- Luminous flux [lm]: 2300
- Colour temperature [K]: 4000
- Protection class: III
- Mounting: on the surface, on a stand
- Housing: polycarbonate (PC) with an UV stabiliser
- Diffuser: polycarbonate (PC) with an UV stabiliser
- Impact resistance class: IK09
- Ingress protection class: IP20
- Power supply: 18 V 2Ah, 5Ah battery
- Dimensions A/B/C/ø [mm]: 205/212/124
- Switch; 4-step luminous flux control: 200 lm; 750 lm; 1500 lm; 2300 lm.

Charger available in the set.

The offer will be expanded with new products soon

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We make no empty promises

“We do not want to advertise and sell our luminaires, while giving empty promises”

We have been guided by this principle for over 30 years. We focus on high quality and durability of our products, which is why they are used and appreciated by construction companies throughout Europe. The products from the FUTURE & MAGNUM family can be used inside and outside buildings, and the entire offer is dedicated to solving all challenges concerning temporary lighting of construction works at every stage of their implementation. We listen to the customers’ needs and implement their ideas.
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We present the FUTURE LED family!

The basic product line consists of three types of floodlights, an innovative construction light chain, a 360° construction site luminaire and a universal stand with the CLICK HEAD system.

Products from the HOBBY line are the perfect balance between quality, efficiency and attractive price. They are in no way inferior to the baseline lamps and can be successfully used for less demanding applications.

Not much more expensive, but far more durable
and cheaper to operate.

Buying good quality products allows to minimise downtime caused by failures in equipment or tools. Investment in FUTURE family products simply pays for itself!

FUTURE family products combine maximum efficiency, versatility of use, extraordinary durability and cost-effectiveness. The proprietary LED technology designed by Lena Lighting and used in FUTURE luminaires, ensures maximum luminous flux with minimal energy consumption. The LED diodes mean ~50,000 hours of durability (~6 years of continuous lighting) and 5 years warranty on the availability of components (detailed warranty conditions are available at

Choose FUTURE instead of a halogen!

accomplished projects and visualisations

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What makes us different and competitive?

30 years of experience

We know everything about luminaires and lighting systems: we examine their possibilities and design, test and manufacture them. We combine practice with modernity. The company has been listed on the WSE main market in Poland since 2005.

Polish production

We strive for continuous development, which is why we are one of the best manufacturers of luminaires in the country. We take advantage of our experts’ knowledge, as well as the state-of-the-art tools and technologies.

Lighting design

We make visualisations and free lighting designs using specialised computer software. We also make calculations of profitability and energy efficiency of lighting. Trust the professionals.

Ideas for using our luminaires
Illuminated construction sites

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At a Customer’s request – after making a detailed analysis of the given order, Lena Lighting S.A. may grant an extended warranty for three years or a non-standard warranty for five years. The agreed terms of extended warranty or non-standard guarantee are described in individually prepared documents. Favourable warranty conditions make us a trustworthy manufacturer of lighting technology.

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